Facebook brings its brand-friendly video ads to its ad network

Facebook brings its brand-friendly video ads to its ad network

Facebook’s Audience Network is chasing brand budgets with new video ads that mark its first foray onto the desktop web.

If an ad will run on Facebook, eventually it’s going to run anywhere Facebook will run it. At least that seems to be the trend.

A week after Facebook brought its retargeting ads to Instagram, it’s bringing its brand-tailored video ads to its ad network of third-party sites and apps, Audience Network. And it’s bringing that ad network to the desktop internet for the initial time.

Facebook’s Audience Network already ran video ads across publishers’ properties, but those ads introduced last year were aimed at direct-response advertisers. They were less concerning obtaining folks to watch a brand’s video and a lot of about obtaining them to click to put in the app that the video was promoting.

To cater to brand advertisers, Audience Network will add the possibility of shopping for video ads with AN intent to induce folks to look at those ads versus click on some decision to action connected to them. To buy ads with these video read objectives, advertisers will be ready to purchase them on a cost-per-view basis or set a terms and have Facebook’s technology work out what percentage impressions it’d ought to serve to hit the brand’s video read goal; Facebook calls this latter manner of shopping for ads optimized CPM (oCPM).

Advertisers will be ready to effectively syndicate their Facebook and Instagram video ad campaigns across Audience Network further. “The Audience Network is going to use an equivalent mobile-optimized creative that advertisers use on news feed these days,” said Facebook product promoting manager Brett Vogel. But there square measure some limitations. Video ads must be at least ten seconds long and not than thirty seconds to ran into the Audience Network. And advertisers won’t be able to management wherever their video ads run inside Audience Network, Vogel said.

Facebook is also delivery its ads to a lot of places. Originally a mobile in-app ad network when it launched in April 2014, Audience Network expanded to the mobile internet in Jan, and now it’s returning to the desktop internet — sorta.

The brand-friendly video ads can run as a pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll spot inside a video player on a desktop or mobile internet website or within a mobile app. That marks Audience Network’s inaugural foray into the desktop web world, but it’s solely a dipping a toe for currently. The in-stream video ads are the solely Audience Network ad format eligible to run on desktop sites, Vogel said.

The video ads can conjointly run outside of a video player. Initially that suggests that video ads showing between inside a moment Article, Facebook’s proprietary mobile article format. Reading blocks of text then coming across a video ad doesn’t appear to be terribly native, definitely not like encountering one whereas already looking at a video. And that’s counter to Audience Network’s emphasis on ads showing natively in apps and sites. Vogel said he didn’t have “a direct answer” on the subject.

“The recent history of extending the Audience Network really comes on the heels of a heap of success there,” said Vogel.

That success is tricky to outline, at least publicly. Audience Network claimed in January to have hit a $1 billion revenue run rate, but that simply suggests that that if Audience Network may take the number of revenue it generated in an exceedingly specific amount of your time and sustain it for twelve months, it would total $1 billion. Vogel also aforesaid that the range of publishers within the network has full-grown by quite 600% within the past year, but he wouldn’t really say however several publishers square measure within the network. Going from 1 publisher to seven would translate into 600% growth. He also declined to say what proportion of Audience Network’s revenue is shared with publishers.


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