What to Expect from SEO in 2016. Link Building is really dead?

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What to Expect from SEO in 2016. Link Building is really dead?

his year has been quite very significant with the successive releases of the Google updates in its algorithm technology. The giant search engine released its major algorithm updates called the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird which took all webmasters in an array of frenzy updates to keep their website more Google algorithm compliant. It is inevitable for the search engine optimization fanatics to wonder what to expect from SEO in the year 2016. The issue on link building was raised as an issue whether it is considered dead or no longer relevant in as far as Google algorithm is concerned for building one’s site ranking in Google.

Link building remains relevant – Only amplifies your effort in building organic links

The release of the Google algorithms called Panda and Penguin motivated webmasters to focus their SEO efforts in developing high quality content and links. The Penguin update in particular is designed to drive SEO strategies in building organic and relevant links. By using organic links on your website, you are giving your SEO campaign a better drive of getting more relevant and quality traffic that can influence your site ranking on Google.

Link building remains to be relevant for the simple fact that Google Penguin requires webmasters to focus in restructuring the links available on their site as organic and relevant. Thus, links remains to be an essential element that is considered by the Google algorithm for ranking websites. The only difference in the coming years is the more stringent requirement of Google Penguin that to be relevant for search ranking, websites should amplify their efforts in building natural links to their site in order to gain better credit for website ranking on search. It is designed to strike down link farming and other black hat SEO used to build links to attain a higher rank in the search result.

Utilization of links in your marketing arsenal remains relevant

If link building is dead it can significantly impact your online marketing campaigns. Marketers engage in email marketing, social media, paid search campaigns, content marketing and social advertising. What drives traffic to their business are quality links that are embedded to their ads and content which is essentially needed in order to direct your potential customers back to your business site. Thus, in effect it can be deduced that links have become a valuable tool in SEO even in years to come.

The use of links is part of digital marketing. You cannot acquire leads without link and you cannot drive traffic to your business website without providing links for online users to use. Even the Panda update requires providing useful resources to your readers in order to qualify in Google search rank. You can do this by providing high quality links to useful sources that can further widen your content reader’s understanding about your topic. This is sufficed to say that you need to use links to point your readers to relevant sources for further readings.

Link building is never dead 

Link building is not dead as contrary to the speculations of some. By the year 2016, link building remains to be a valuable SEO tool that webmasters can use in improving their site ranking in Google. However, with the Google algorithm constant updates it is best to embrace yourself for more stringent regulations and requirement that will demand more organic or natural link building that may be integrated with the social media marketing tactics that will be connected with Google authorship and high quality content. Making your online marketing strategies more algorithm update-proof will certainly help your efforts to retain its significance in the constantly changing SEO industry. Here are some ways to make your link building strategy more Panda and future proof:

  1. Audit your links. Keeping a regular audit on your links can help improve your link building efforts. Remove links that are not indexed by Google, unrelated links to your niche or web page content, links from websites where the possibility of a malware is being suspected and links coming from websites that offer link exchanges.
  2. Your link should always be relevant. This is a way of making your link tactics more future proof because the Google algorithm always prefer links that are relevant and coming from authority sites that are related to your website niches. The relevance of the links that you use to your website is used by Google in gauging trustworthiness and authority to your links.
  3. Explore press release strategies. Press release is a powerful tool that you can use in building links. It is an online marketing channel that you should explore to find relevant links and make quality connections to your online marketing schemes. Great sources of links from this channel include interviews and editorial opportunities.
  4. 4.     Be creative in using social media as your link sources. The algorithm always prefers human interaction especially when building links and the social media channel is the best platform to comply with this Google algorithm requirement. Make sure to create your own social media accounts where you can directly market your products and services and start sharing high quality and relevant contents that social medial users will find highly relevant to link to.

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