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How to add your profile picture on google search results

Update: This method doesn’t seem to work good enough anymore. I’m now using the Google Plus Author Plugin. This one allows you to handle multiple authors in one blog, and relate all of their posts with their profile. No need for an Author/Contact page anymore.

If you landed to my blog via Google’s search engine you probably saw my profile picture with my circles and a link to my Google+ Profile next to it and wondered how to have your blog displayed like that on Google Search results.

I came across these kind of results a pair of months ago, and while at the beginning I didn’t put much attention to it, after reading more about it and looking at the results, I definitely wanted to achieve the same with my blog, and here´s why:

It was very easy to realise. I did some tests, and I noticed how I was more tempted to click all the results with the profile picture. The rest just seemed to be boring or something. Then I quickly read some articles and discovered that by doing this, you could even increase your CTR (click-through-rate), which results into more traffic AND conversions at the end of the day.

So, let me show you how to display your profile picture in google search results in 3 simple steps on a WordPress blog. And oh, by the way, I know there are easier ways to display your profile picture with a WordPress plugin, however… whenever it’s possible to do things manually in the code and avoid using an extra plugin, I always prefer to take the risk. This keeps my blog fast enough and and avoids security holes.


This step is quite simple. If you haven’t considered Google+ into your Social media pages, now it’s the time to reconsider it. Just go to and create your account with your profile picture and then edit your profile to add your blogs like I did in the following picture:

Edit your Google+ Profile with your Blogs URL. You can add as many blogs as you want.


Now what you need is to create an Author page on your Blog. It doesn’t need to be called “Author”, it just needs the attribute.

For example, in my case, my Author Page is the About page. I choose this one because here’s where most people will land whenever they want to know more about me or my blog.There I explain my blogs purpose and a short Bio about myself with my Social media profiles to subscribe.

So, the only thing you need to do is to add a link to your Google+ Profile Page with an Author relation in HTML like this:

<a href=””rel=”me”>Google+</a>

See the part in bold? That’s where you specify your relation to your Google+ profile. Just remember to replace the URL with your own profile. At the end, it will look like this:

Now you’ve got a URL to your Google+ profile which was previously linked to your blog



The last step is quite easy and consists on going to your WordPress Dashboard and then to “Appearance -> Menus” section. Then select the page where you already put all that information and edit the link RelationShip (XFN) attribute to “author” like this:

Make sure you edit your WordPress options to show the XFN attribute


That’s it.

Now please give Google some days or even a week to crawl and index all your pages so that they can update the search results. In my case, it took around 5 days and some articles don’t show my profile picture yet. 80% of my blog has been updated at this point, so i expect to reach 100% after a week or so.

Your articles will now appear like this:

And this will increase your CTR and traffic


And finally, you can confirm you’ve done this procedure by testing it on the google Structured Data Tool. Go there and add your page’s URL to see a preview of the results. Again, please be patient and wait at least a week before complaining about the procedure.

Final note: If you still think that those 3 steps are a little bit too technical for you, then you can goo to Yoast’s website for more information about it. His method seems to be easier, or it could be useful if for some reason the method I described doesn’t work (i can’t think why, but things happen).

So, that’s it. Please comment if you already did the procedure and if you find this article useful. Also, by commenting you let other people know how much time did it take to appear on your search results. Thank you!


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